Scaling A Button Size

I'm trying to scale the size of this button to about half of it's size to fit more of them on the dashboard. Played around with the Width and Height but all I get is part of the button missing or not centered.
Maybe someone could decipher the code to help me understand what needs to be changed?

<md-button class="vibrate filled touched bigfont rounded" style="background-color:#333333" ng-click="send({payload: msg.payload })">

<svg  width="260px" height="90px" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 800 200">
 <g id="Button_Long">

  <rect fill="#333333" width="800" height="200"/>
  <g ng-style="{fill: (msg.payload || 0) ? 'lime' : 'red'}">
    <rect width="800" height="200" rx="80" ry="80"/>

  <rect fill="#333333" x="11" y="10" width="778" height="180" rx="90" ry="90"/>
  <g ng-style="{fill: (msg.payload || 0) ? 'lime' : 'red'}">

    <text x="400" y="125" style="text-anchor:middle"  font-weight="bold" font-size="80" font-family="Arial">{{(msg.payload||0)? " OPEN " : "CLOSED"}} </text>