Buttons size Dashboard

Hello, everyone,
a long search on the internet has led me to you.

I hope you can help me!

Node-Red runs from Ubuntu, I want to visualize my controller (Step7).
I use SVG images for this and it works the way I want it to. Resolution 1024x768, well now I have the problem that my buttons are huge and I can't find a way to make them small. (I couldn't find a solution!!)

Is there a way to integrate the buttons into SVG and to position and design them sensibly.

In addition to the pump, an ON/OFF button is the idea

thanks greetings

I have used the ui-led node to get the following display on my dashboard. Each led can be a square or a circle which can be any color you want it to be.
My led colors are based on the MQTT inputs they receive from my MQTT client.

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