Scheduling in the flow with flow input

Last time I was helped by some cool focks in this forum to extract time from a sensor in the format HH:mm. Now i want to set an alarm at this extracted time i,e HH:mm. Is there any node that can be configured in the flow to place an alarm for this time in the format HH:mm as input? Please explain a bit your solutions as i am rookie!

when you say you want an alarm, what type of alarm? a physical alarm? A notice on the dashboard?

Is the time from the sensor the current time? wouldn't setting a alarm for this time mean setting off the alarm immediately?

You could run a wire from the 'Date/Time Fromater name to a change node and move that value into a flow variable. Then you could have a second flow that has an inject node running every minute, send to another 'Date/Time format' node to formate the timestamp in msg.payload to the HH:mm format. Send it's output to a switch node and compare it against the flow variable. If they match, send the output to whatever you will use to cause the alarm.

I am using node red to automate hassio components. By alarm i meant that i want to schedule a service of hassio to be called at the time given as output from the time sensor mode in the form HH:mm. The service that i want to be scheduled is to run a script in hassio for which can use the call service node.but the problem is how to schedule the task for the time from the time sensor.

The time form the sensor is not the current time but it gives a specific time every day which changes daily. the sensor is also based in hassio from which time is provided in full ISI format (2019-06-04T17:08) from which i reduced to the format HH:mm(17:08).

i will try what you have advised...and will let you know...thanks

Solved it. From what you have said I reduced the time to two variables one for hour and second for minutes. I did the same for timestamp but for the values from sensor i chose topic as A and from the timestamp as B so that comparison can be made. This was done using moment node. then i wrote a function to compare the values of hour from input and hour value from timestamp. if it was equal it would return a output '1' with topic d and if unequal it would return 0 with topic d itself. I did the same thing with minute values, only difference is that i chose to retur value 2 when they were unequal. this would help me in comparison if outputs from these two functions. If they hour and minute from sensor were equal to hour and minute from timescape they both would produce output 1 if not equal sensor comparison would make result 0 and minute comparison would make result 2. So when they are equal i would call the service from hassio.

the function code

context.node = context.node || 0;
context.node1 = context.node1 || 0;

if(msg.topic == 'a'){
    context.node = msg.payload;
} else if (msg.topic == 'b'){
    context.node1 = msg.payload;

if (context.node == context.node1){
    return{topic: 'd', payload: '1'}
    return{topic: 'd', payload: '2'}