Schneider Augmented Operator


I am running on a Magelis IIoT BOX PC from Schneider-Electric with Schneider AOA RT ( Run Time) . It has its customized node AOA Server for GET And PUT data.

However when I try to fetch some data from AOA server using GET function of the node , I am not able to get data value I get message that the Value is undefined. ( We are using Vijeo XD to push PLC data into AOA server)

When I try to do same thing using normal Http request node I am getting error message saying This Method is not allowed.

If anybody has worked on this solution , please help.


Explanation to send data from Vijeo XD (Terminal Expert) to AOA :

add the AOA Driver
use the same name in Vijeo XD and AOA
add your data to a data logging group (background update)

You can also use node-red that is provide with AOA RT :


Data > node AOA Variable > node AOA Server : use the same name for the data in node-red and AOA


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