School Days Event Logic

I'm trying to setup automation logic based on when my local school system has student days or not. As anyone with kids is aware, the days that kids have off is quite random and one jurisdiction does not have the same school days as another.

So, I put a calendar templating system together where I could build a calendar template and then another script to generate 365 JSON files from that template to use in my automation. It's on github as well as all 365 generated JSON files.

My concept is that each different school system could fork the project, edit the calendar template, and then generate the JSON files for everyone's use in that district.

I hope that others out there need something like this and are interested in refining the process and scripts. The scripts are rough but it is fairly easy to manually build the calendar template. I would appreciate any input. My next step is to automate the Sonos alarm for school days.

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