Scraping a parking server webpage. Question for the group to see if this can be done and how to scope it

I would like to get your opinion on how to scope this project in order for me to hire a Node Red programmer. There are 4 things that I want from this website. This issue is that there is no API for me to pull the data from.

  1. the status of the reader (from page http5://
    1a. A trigger event when there is an error
  2. the last 10 readings (http5://
    2a. A trigger event when there is toll tag reading at the same time a card holder is using a card. This will only occur with "Right Exit EP" and "Right AVIExit" or the left side exit
  3. the occupancy Description/Occupied/Available/Total/% Full (http5://
    4a. conditional formatting when approaching 100% occupancy.

My goal is to present this information on a dashboard page already in use by operations department.

Here are the page source files and screenshots