Scratch 3 and NodeRED working together

He said "almost ready" on twitter a few days ago

Hi Simon - that sounds really exciting.
Looking forward to hearing about its release.

Do you know if there is a MQTT extention for the desktop version of Scratch ?

I've got a version of Scratch Desktop that talks to my ScratchGPIO handler running on a Pi that gives you MQTT capability

I could knock something up to have a Scratch Desktop mod utilise a python prog running on same machine within a few days if that would be good enough?

Hi Simon,
Thanks for the kind offer.
I'm interested in this because my students have PCs in the IT Room where I run the IoT Club.
They use Chrome on the PCs to login to Node-RED which runs on headless Raspberry Pi(es).

Most of them already know how to use Scratch, so being able to talk to their Wemos D1 Mini devices from Scratch via MQTT would combine two sets of skills.

I don't suppose it's an issue but all the Wemos devices have been flashed with ESP-Easy.

Kind regards David.

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Hi Simon,
Just checking... how is the MQTT extension (written in Python) for Scratch coming along?

Got POC going but hasn't made it out of pre-alpha :frowning:
I'll see if I can re-sum enthusiasm for it :slight_smile:

I'm back on it - remembered where I was upto :slight_smile:
I had something working but it used a Python2 handler prog and peer-pressure on twitter made me switch to Python3 and I'm now trying to get to grips with new syntax needed for some of the modules I'm using


I'm alone in the house for rest of today so no excuse not to crack on :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
Thanks for all your efforts thus far.
Looking forward to hearing of your developments.
Regards, David.

Hello, i am trying to setup this hack on a raspberry using the desktop electron app. I am facing ssl issues.
How can i answer to requests for from http://localhost:1880 without ssl certificate issues? I can do a apache ssl proxy, but can not inject the right certificates. Basically its a kind of hijacking a https connection, or not? Do you have an idea? Thanks

It's a long time since I worked on this :slight_smile:

I can't remember whether you can access http site from within Scratch Desktop but I think you should be able as I don't think Scratch Desktop is running at the https level (but I may be completely wrong)

Like I say, long long time since I did this stuff

I couldn't get the Scratch Desktop app to use the redirector as its not running in a browser

When I hacked it in my S3DPGIO project - I made direct calls to a simple webserver running on my Pi

And because it's all local - no HTTPS needed

Hi, Thanks for your answer. Tested ist. The translate extension of the actual scratch3 desktop version on my pi makes https calls. I see no way to answer these requests from localhost. With an apache reverseproxy, you can, button with a valid certificate for Do you have an idea? Last time I ask, but getting this to work would be so great for the possibilities we will have in your programming classes.

Like I say, I just ended up hacking the Scratch Desktop electron app, I was then able to make direct calls to my localhost http server

I imagine this doesn't work anymore but maybe worth a go?

Never made it out of alpha though :frowning:
I'd recommend Alan Yorink's
as a better supported route to using Scratch 3 for physical computing

Apologies to NR users for the off-topic chatter

Perhaps i will find the time to try it. Thank you very much.