Search UI: shows X/Y

I get periodical XY coordinates. I wish to have an image in the dashboard that shows me that points. (Optional draw a line to follow the history)
A node should receive the coordinates and draw an Image that (optiona) auto-focus on the coordinates. I do not need any text or values on it simply the dots or the line from dot to dot.

Is there a way to do that?

Did you search first?

There is an example in the worldmap node that demonstrates something similar...


Yes I did.
The Problem is here I do not have GPS coordinates I have simpel X/Y both from -1000 to +1000 and I do not need an OSM map.

For me it sounds like chart with linear axis in both direction.
See this thread How to draw xy charts?


And it only took you 16 hours to supply those additional details :slight_smile:

Charting does sound more applicable now.

Thanks @hotNipi I was not aware, that I could change the time line to a value I wish.

This was really helpful. I combined this with the ability to add data to an array from here:

Is there a limit how huge an array could be?

A 20 sec search of internet reveals...

the maximum length of an array according to the ECMA-262 5th Edition specification is bound by an unsigned 32-bit integer due to the ToUint32 abstract operation, so the longest possible array could have 232-1 = 4,294,967,295 = 4.29 billion elements

That's nice, I was not sure if any rule for javascript also works for nodered. That way, if I add all sec 15 character to an array I have to be sure that I reset at least all 3314days. That's no problem. I will reset the array weekly.

By the way, node-red is my first touch with coding. Until running noderd I only have som experience with CMD.

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