Searching a sea weather website


can someone help me!

I search a web site of sea ​​weather(high tide periods,the heights of the swells,rainy periods) in json format.
The can't offer this type of weather has some sea weather, don't know if your location is supported (probably not)

What are you asking , it's confusing.
Do you mean you search a site and it returns a json, and you require help working with that json reply?

yes i mean a site and it returns a json

what site?
what does the returned json look like?
what info do you wish to return from json?

i search this info returned (high tide periods,the heights of the swells,rainy periods)
json file look like an array which i can find in my info

It is bit unclear to me if you have found the site returning the tides information.
And if so what is the issue then ?

If not so maybe share for which region/area you are interested in.

No one can help without info.
You will need to supply web site, and an example of the json.
Also what data you wish returned and what you want to do with the returned data.
I.e. store data, send notification or one of the thousand other things you may want oto do.

I have understood the request that he wants to find a webservice with an API that returns sea weather in json format, just like openweatermap returns "normal" wheather in json format. I might be wrong :slight_smile:

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I search a website like openwathermap that returns sea weather in json format and insert it into mysql table

What sites have looked at? The last time I checked, both and offered extended marine forecasts as part of a paid service. The first one has an API, if I remember correctly, but I'm not sure about the other. I suspect that a Google search will produce other possibilities.

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i already find it thank you !!!

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