Searching a way to set link out / link in by Dashboard

Hi folks,
I have different pir sensors linked by link in / out nodes to switches. Is there a way to set the linking by dashbord ?
Thx !

You cannot modify a flow without deploying changes back to the runtime.

So it would be possible to create a flow that did that, but it would be quite complicated.

If you want to dynamically map things, maybe use a Switch node and a variable in Flow Context to control where messages flow.

I could set all links (m to n) and make a switch to enable or disable / block or pass the msg ... That what my thoughts was (I think you mean the same). But thats everything but not a nice solution. If I add a new sensor flow I need to implement a new switch node in ervery switch flow. I could use a list of MAC adresses and feet a dashboard text input, then use these as an enabled list.... but thats not nice at all. hmmmmmpf