Secrets in subflows

Hi everyone,
I think a "secret" data type for subflow environment variables would be very useful for secrets, like API keys and other stuff you want to be stored encrypted in flows_cred.json file, like this:

A default value for a secret environment variables may not make much sense, so it can have no input field in the subflow template. There should only be a secure-string field (like fields for passwords) in each subflow instance: every subflow instance will have its secret (or secrets, if many) stored in the flows_cred.json file instead of flows.json file.
You think this may be a thing in a future release?

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Yes. Support for a credential type of property is in 1.1.0


Great! Thank you

Are you thinking of releasing a new Beta for 1.1.0? I am developing a subflow now that could really benefit from a credential property but the current first Beta is a bit buggy for me to work with. Or possibly the full release is due any second now?

yes absolutely

Great, thanks. Though I am not sure which side of the 'OR' condition is going to be satisfied :slight_smile:

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Since both sides would be great, it doesn't really matter. :grinning:


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