secure websockets not working ios

i am using node red with https so web sockest need to be wss:// and that works on a windows computer and a android phone but a apple phone and ipod will not connect to the web socket, it works if i turn off https and use ws:// but i want it to be https because i want to have port forwarding on

is there any way of getting secure websockets to work from a apple phone? Nox VidMate

Are you using your own certificates?

What are using on 'droid and windows machines to connect to NodeRED?

Could you provide more info on what you setup is?

Absolutely, I use https/wss with my home dashboard. However, that uses uibuilder which itself uses Socket.IO rather than raw wss. Not sure if that makes a difference.

@Jacobcullen did you get to the bottom of this?

wws works on iOS however
However when you secure dashboard via the httpNodeAuth setting
First time your promoted for login - authenticate - use
Then when you close the browser Safari or Chrome and try and access Dashboard nothing.

Reverting to http no issue.
I think this points to wss issue.
BTW I've installed the NR cert on iOS and verified it which should help but doesn't!