Select which nodes to show in interface



Is there a way to select which nodes to be shown in the UI for the user to work with? I tried to remove some of the files associated with the installation of node-red but it did not work. I was wondering if it can be done for example using settings.js.

Thank you in advance!



There is a little search box on the left upper side, just under the node-red logo where you can enter text to filter nodes. Example:

This might be easier than removing nodes (which you may need at some point)



Thank you for the response! I was looking to make my "custom" nodes more "visible" but I found out that adding a new pallette category would do what I wanted.




In case you have not seen it, there is also a way in the Palette Manager to disable certain nodes within an installed package --


Notice the faint 4/6 nodes box next to the cursor... that's because I disabled 2 of the nodes that were installed as part of the Salesforce module. This way, they don't even show up in the list of nodes on the left side, and cannot be added to any flows.

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In your settings.js file you can edit the paletteCategories: [... entry - this is the initial sort order for node categories that are loaded - so you can add your category at the front of the list if you want etc...

Also you can add a nodesExcludes:['75-exec.js','... section to blacklist nodes by name - but of course if you import any flows that contain those nodes then they won't run.



Thank you all for the responses! Adding the palleteCategories property for settings was what I was looking for.