Self signed SSL on IBM Cloud platform?

Dear Users,

Is it possible for me to generate a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate using the IBM Cloud platform?
I learned how to generate one using OpenSSL on raspberry pi but I am unfamiliar in the cloud realm.

some context:
I am using IBM Cloud for the MQTT broker(using their IoT platform) and the NodeRed starter pack for the app part. I got the broker working fine, I am able to successfully send messages(from a pi) and it shows up on the event log, but now I am trying to send from the cloud version of nodered. The only part I am missing is the SSL/TLS certificate.

edit: I can see there is an import option, can I generate one using the IBM cloud terminal?

edit 2: looks like I was able to use the same certificate I used on the pi as long as they are different client id. you may mark this as resolved, unless someone can suggest a more optimal solution. this is project is merely for self learning of the IBM Cloud platform

to expand on the client id concern, how can multiple devices connect to the broker that's on IOT IBM cloud instead of one?(I am trying to send messages from nodered(IBM cloud) to the broker, and have a pi subscribe to the topic to retrieve the message.)

looks like I found out why, it requires unique IDs which is not possible to do in the way I am attempting, I have to use the API key instead for the subscriber

heck yeah! I got it figured out after reading the documentation from IBM. I had to generate an API Key and use that for the client credentials. It now performs as I expected the way I want!

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