Send a variable from Node-Red to Domoticz via http

I'm trying to send a variable from Node-Red to Domoticz via http. In Node-red I make a variable available in a msg.payload, but if I do it as below, I get the value 0 for the dummy variable in Domoticz.


In Domoticz I always see the value 0 appear, but if I change {{msg.payload}} to 21, then I see exactly 21 appear in Domoticz.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome.
Try {{payload}} not {{msg.payload}}

from the sidebar help text

For example, if the url is set to{{{topic}}} , it will have the value of msg.topic

Hi E1cid,

Thank you!
It functions. I searched and tried all day. Sometimes the solution can apparently be very simple.


Can you share the flow?