Node red reading domoticz

hi all
i have a domoticz with a MQTT setup.
I checked with this cmd that i can write to domoticz, it is working
mosquitto_pub -h localhost -m '{ "idx" : 48, "nvalue" : 0, "svalue" : "2.0" }' -t 'domoticz/in'

Now, I would like to make a node red workflow to read an object in domoticz.
How can i do this ?
do you have an example ?


There are a series of MQTT flows in the cookbook.

hi - it's just an MQTT feed, here's a snapshot of a flow that displays a bunch of data. If you've enabled MQTT output (in setup->hardware) it publishes on domoticz/out by default. I'm running Mosquitto locally on the same Pi as Domoticz.

here's the Domoticz setup

Hope this isn't bad form, the flow JSON is posted here -->

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