Send data form NODE RED to ESPEASY

how to send data form node red to espeasy mqtt message in format or status
can some one point me in the right direction

espeasy to NODE RED is easy but NODE RED to espeasy

i like to send data to espeasy to change a NeoPixel


I wrote this tutorial guide a few years ago for my IoT students.
Some of the material might be useful to you. Here's a link to the PDF.

I've just seen that the MQTT topic reference (in the Tutorial) is /node91/cmd
You don't need the initial forward slash, so it should be... node91/cmd
Obviously change the node ref to match your ESP8266 device.
Make sure in ESPeasy you subscribe to the same topic spelling/syntax.

Here's how I setup my Wemos D1 Mini. I give each device a unique Unit Name. e.g. node31


Then in the Controllers tab I enter %sysname%/# in the Controller Subscribe box.


Hope it works for you.

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thanks for your great support still working on it as I have troubles getting the let to work :frowning:

found your website with a lot of tutorials (can I use that?)
they are great and verry helpfull.

Maybe some help is requested
easyesp setting is

node red is


some hinds are welcome :slight_smile:

How do you have the device defined in ESPEasy? Get into ESPEasy and go to the 'Device' tab then edit the device and do a screen print of it's settings and add it to a reply.

Thanks for your help hereby a screenshot of the device tab

Might be worth checking your MQTT Controller settings inside ESPeasy.
This is what my setup looks like...


And what does your circuit look like? A photo and circuit diagram would be useful.

sorry for the late response,

an HTTP request node works perfect with the payload{{payload}}

the only thin that is strange it will not accept node red messages via MQTT
not with domoticz or with Home assistant

I don't know but i think it is due that i do something wrong with sending nodes :slight_smile:

also no ctr(idx) is posible to add to a let so how to address that port?

what is the format of the payload (i.e. the contents of {{payload}})

You are sending this:
according to the ESPEasy documentation (do a search for "NeoPixel")
brightness: 0..255 (only applicable when using GRBW LEDs)
so try removing the last 0