Send data from topic in MQTT broker to database (phpmyadmin)

Hello everyone
I'm very new to this. I want to send data IR sensor from MQTT Broker to my database in phpmyadmin in node-red.
I already send the data sensor to topic that published to mqtt broker, and i can't send it from mqtt broker to database.
Is there any solution for this? or any example for this project?
thank you

What do you mean by a database in phpmyadmin?

I suspect you mean write data to a mysql or mariadb database?

Install node-red-node-mysql and read the nodes help info written in the online readme and in the nodes built in help on the sidebar.

Lastly, search this forum for 'mysql' - there are many many threads on this subject.

If you get stuck, come back with more specific issue and details like what version of node, what version of node-red and screenshots / flow exports so we can further help you.

Sorry I mean store data from mqtt broker to mariadb :smiley:

Thank you for the solution! :smiley:
i will ask again if i got stuck

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