Send data from VL53L0X to SQLite Database

Hi everyone. I've four VL53L0X sensors (on Raspberry Pi 4) and I've been trying to send their values into a SQLite database, but these values are exchanging between rows for every loop, like this:

The second column's ok, but in the third one, the values are from two different sensors. I'm quiet frustrated about it.

Here's my code in a function node:

The fixed values (like 27 and 1018) are supposed to be from the additional sensors.

In SQLite node:

And these are my nodes:

I disconnected the others 3 nodes because of the problem shown in the first image. I need to upload the four values at once and I haven't could yet. By the way, thanks and sorry about my English, it ain't my first language.

I'll appreciate any ideas and help.

If I understand correctly you need to merge the four values together into one message before sending to sqlite. For this you can use the Join node in key/value pairs mode.

See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

I'll try that way, thanks.