Send files or data via internet

is there any way to send files size of 2-5mb from "raspberry pi zero w " to a cloud drive or to a server ? i don't care about security !

Hi, maybe Firestore?

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Yes, many ways. Very many ways in fact. So you will need to give some additional details about what you are trying to achieve.

Then sorry, but you probably won't get much help. Security isn't just about keeping you and your data safe.

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thanks for advise for now i just wanna to test sending data files like csv files to cloud or driver "via internet" then i will thinking about how to secure it .

There is a dropbox node ?

What cloud service do you want to use?

you could install a file to cloud sync driver (like google drive or onedirve or any other) and simply save to the mirrored directory.

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Yes, this would have been my first suggestion too. But without details, hard to be sure.

If you even once have an unsecured cloud connection, that connection will forever be suspect. Please don't do that for everyone's sake. Just do it right first time then you don't have to worry about it.

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