Send message amoung subflows like mqtt

I build a smart home system. I use Raspberry pi & Node-Red.

I’d like to save every sensor and UI data, event, etc… to a sqlite database.

I think there will be about 80-100 zigbee device in the zigbee network, and lots of UI input.

Well, I want to these lots of data into a status database. I’d like to do one subflow, which handle the database, therefore this workflow will get data from 100-200 source (node) and it will send respond only the sender source node. I can do it with mqtt broker, but I think the lots of database messages would use lots of resources of mqtt server. I think the mqtt server should handle the zigbee mqtt communication (I use zigbee2mqtt), so I look for a same local node red message transfer (maybe buffered) solution among subflows. To recap: several subflows (nodes) send input message to one subflow (database handling subflow) This input message should be buffered. One subflow (database handling subflow) must send answer message to the source which send the input message (only the source subflow (nodes) can get the answer message).

Do you suggest me some kind of existing solution or I should use mqtt or I should write a function for this problem.

Sorry, struggling to understand.

You have 80-100 Zigbee sensors sending data - how often and how much data?

Then you want to record that in a db. Are you wanting to record over time (historic data) or just keep the latest entry? What will you be doing with the db data afterwards?

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