Send simple message as string

I have a simple message format question. I have set up an inject node to send 1, 2, 3, or 4 as a string. How do I incorporate a node to send those with out using an inject node? It truly is a s simple as sending a 1-4 when it receives a time stamp. I tried using a template node but I don't think im doing it right.

A flow has to have something to activate it. I't could be a physical button that is pushed or a sensor that detects motion or a sensor that triggers every 5 minutes to read the temperature.

It could also be an inject node that is set to only fire off when you press it...or it could be set fire off every 100 milliseconds (or every 2 hours).

But something has to kickoff the flow you put together.

Yes, Im sorry I should have been more clear. I I am going to have a random Number generator set up to a PIR sensor. When it picks any of the 1-4 is will send that number on. How do I send it as a string? Change Node?

Got it! Change node does the trick! thank you

I have a half way working flow! How would I define numbers to delete from the change node If I wanted anything greater than 5 removed?

You have confused me. It might be best is you share your flow.
If you want to ignore any number greater than 5 try the switch node

Have you thought instead of having that PIR signal go into a node that generates a random number between 1 and 4 instead, rather than having to delete generated numbers not in that range?

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