Sending and receiving info from serial port and download file


I'm new in node-red and i'm doing a project where i have a graphical interface with some numeric parameters to be inserted by the user, send to a serial port (mbed) and receive another information to the same serial port and a graphic will be generated and i should save that file to analysis.

The questions i have are:
1: With the parameters inserted i want iniciate to send a package to the serial port, how i edit the nodes to make a button "start" working and sending that information? I should also use a function node to conect the inputs and to send the package right?

2: If i have also a text input to the user choose the name file, how i can save with that name using a button "save"? I should dowload as cvs file?

3: If i have a form node it will be different the resolution to the problem in 2? Instead of having a text input for example.

I don´t know if i was explicit enough but if someone can help me i apreciate, thank you!

May I give you some suggestions first:
Do a spell check, use a screen shot, draw a picture, post a flow, or put in some codes if possible. Your questions are not clear with lots of typos. This might be the reason that nobody has answered :sweat_smile:
With that said, I will try to get it going:

  1. Yes you can use a function node. Or a button followed by a function node.
  2. You can use context save function to save the user input. Check out this page: Working with context : Node-RED
  3. The solution is similar

Thanks for your answer! I should double check the questions before posting here and illustrate the situation, it would be more clear, sorry for that. I will look for your suggestion, thanks again.

You are welcome Lousa. Hopefully you can solve the problem soon. :grin:

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