Sending data via 4g/narrowband?

Hello friends.

I am coding rn my project an love node-red!

I have a general question respectively vagueness about "the way" to send my data to my webserver. It is essential that i am independently from the local networks. So my idea is to send the data via a sim to the webserver (In my project i want to send my data to my own webserver).

So what could be the best way? My idea right now is to connect a raspberry pi via a LANcable to my modbus-device and the raspy sends the data via sim (4g) to my websever.
My research revealed that there are tools for the raspy where you can add the 4g extension. Can someone verifiy?

Are there maybe other/better hardware solutions where you can run node-red and send the data via 4g or maybe narrowband IOT? (my modbus-device has only a ethernet-port)

Thank you for the help

best regards

There are routers which you can plug a sim card dongle into that can route data over the mobile network if there is no cable/ADSL connection.

Also "mobile WiFi" routers specifically work with the phone network.

I'm sure you could get a raspberry pi to do it too.

thank you for the answer.

But from what i see is, that you cant run node-red on a router?

I had in mind that you run node-red on whatever hardware you currently use and connect it by ethernet cable to a router.

I confess that I don't know how easy the connection to your wherever would be if the node-red device is also on your every day Lan.

FWIW I run node-red on raspberry pies and my only internet connection is via 4g mobile data.

Ahh ok. Thank you

Can i ask whats the best way to make the raspy 4g capability? Do i need specific hats or so?

It's not really node-red related but maybe this would help


LoRaWAN is another alternative - if range constraints and pipeline speed are reasonable.



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