Node Red running in PC want to send data from raspberry pi

Hello Everyone i have a problem, im running node red in a desktop pc in a lan network, in this lan networks are connected Siemens PLCs that connect to node red trough S7 node, now im running a python script in a raspberry pi, i connect the raspberry pi to the lan network where all my PLC and node red are running, somebody know how can i send data from the raspberry pi to node red, or how can i read data from the raspberry pi with node red

Hi @motosierra1141. Welcome to our community!! You could try with MQTT to read data, you should install a MQTT BROKER to can publish data from the raspberry pi. There are many free local brokers and cloud brokers.

Other option is maybe, install Node-RED in your raspberry pi, this will allow that you can read data directly from RPi.

I hope it helps you!!

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thank you, do you know if there is any way to send data trough ethernet?, if raspberry pi is in the same network where node red is running?

MQTT protocol.

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You could use any of these:

  • http
  • tcp
  • udp

All have corresponding node-red nodes.

But as @MecatronicaMADE has already said, using MQTT will be easier and more reliable. You can add the Mosquitto broker to the Pi and everything can write to it.


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