Raspberry Pi TO Node-Red

I am part of IIOT project so I need to connect node red with raspberry Pi and need to get the data from S7-1500 then collect all data send to cloud. If anybody worked before raspberry pi,Node-red and cloud network tell me.
thank you

I see from your previous post that you have successfully communicated with an S7, so what part of the requirement do you not know how to do?

Thanks colin for your reply
Actually the issue is I don't know how to connect with raspberryPi and send the data to cloud server.
So can you send any link related this cloud server and raspberryPi. That very helpful to me. If you have.

Connect what with Pi? If you mean you don't know how to install on a Pi then see

For the cloud server, we need more information. For example, are you storing on a database in the cloud or what? If a database which database, etc.

Tnx for the link Colin
I will get back to you, once I Confirm what the DB and Cloud I gonna use.

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