How to connect api rest with node-red

hello i need to make iot project with raspberry pi ,
when RFID receive tag id from the sensor it checks if this tag id is exist on the database phpmyadmin ,

  • i insert ID and name on databse manually and i should return the Tag ID + Name

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Have look at the node-red-node-mysql (node) - Node-RED node.
With this node and his samples you should get it working.

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thank you sir , i am sorry i am new with node-red but i am using raspberry pi and api rest web service
but i don't know how to receive data from api rest using http request
thank you

Can you describe your setup a bit more -
What sort of RFID sensor do you have?
Is it connected to the Raspberry Pi?
What is the "api rest web service"?
Is MySQL/Mariadb installed on the Raspberry Pi?

Maybe a photo of the setup would help me understand, also a screenshot of your Node-Red flow.

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