Mysql ,node -red and Gpio



Can I turn on / off the led by pulling data from MySQL with node-red?




There are nodes available for querying mysql and there are nodes available for controlling GPIO pins (I assume you mean on a Raspberry Pi).

Those are the basic building blocks you need. How you wire them together, and with what logic in between, will depend entirely on what you actually want to achieve.

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yes i want to do this with raspberry. There is no experience in this matter. I could not find information on the internet in this regard.



The reason you may not have been found anything is because you may have googled for a complete solution. In node red solutions are built by linking together simple building blocks called nodes. You want to get the data from a mysql database and node-red includes nodes for reading or writing to mysql databases. LEDs are driven on a pi usually by connecting to GPIO pins and node-red includes blocks for writing to (and reading from) GPIO pins on the pi. Then all one has to do is to join those nodes together with the appropriate logic to do whatever it is you want to do.



Thank you. I helped it with node red.