Sending message from RasPI


hello everyone,
I want to create a project with a friend of mine,(it's pretty easy but I have a trouble) she will send me a message with a RFM95W LoRa Radio module on a RasPI 3 and when I get this message I have to send an email with a picture in there.
Do you have an idea how I could do that?
Thank you



Welcome to the forum! Breake apart the project into smaller chunks,. Part one will be seeing if you can receiver her message. So you want to have a node monitoring the radio (do you know which node you will use? Have you searched the flows library for one?) ttach a debug node to the output of what ever node you use and check the results in the debug node.

Anotehr portion will be test emailing. Enter your credentials into the email node, attach an inject node to it and see if it will send a basic message.

Now you have to figure out where you are going to get the picture from. Depending on where it is will determine how you will get it, but start at the begining and take it in steps.

Like everything else, you won't know how to do everything on the first day.:grinning:



I have to admit it is my first project with node Red, I tried to check how to do it but I have trouble to find a way to do it.
Thanks for your help I will try to find information about the flow library.



To get to the Flow library, just look at the menu items at the top of this page