Raspberry pi and node red email sending

I use a raspberry pi 3 B to monitor a bluehost email address and send the body of the message out to pushover and twitter. I receive the weather email from noaa.gov and my email checks the email on node reads it but it never sends through. It use to work fine but for awhile now it doesn't. But i can send a email to the email address node red monitors and it works just fine? I use gmail, bluehost email and it sends out just fine but nothing but from the noaa email but node red marks read though so im kinda confused why it doesn't work now. Any ideas?

this is one flow

2nd flow

Connect debug nodes everywhere and check the output.

As @bakman2 says add debug nodes to check too see if the data is what you think it is.
My guess would be that the title of the Email has subtly changed. ( You will need to configure the debug nodes to show the entire message)

If that is not the problem, one other thing to try would be the following. You appear to be using a contrib node "node-red-contrib-filter", it might be worth swapping that for the standard included Switch node that can do exactly how you are using it in this flow.

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