Timetable sending email

Hey, everybody, I put the mail-out node after the rpids18b20 node.
the injection node updates. every 5 minutes, and the dashboard updates correctly with the read data.
The email is sent a bit randomly, about one every hour but not exactly. Can you tell me what's wrong?
Thank you

What status is shown by the email node when it (apparently) fails to send an email? Also is it showing any errors?

Thanks for your answer. No error messages appear in the debug window or on the node.
I'm newbie definitely wrong something, do you have a link to a tutorial?

Add a debug node showing what is going to the email node (set it to Show Complete Message) and check what the difference (if any) is between the messages that get sent and the ones that don't.

I changed my email account, now it works, I'll have to ask my provider why it behaves like this with node red.
Thanks a lot

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