Issue with Email-in Node

I am having issues with email-in node. It marked my new messages as read but it doesn't display the messages on my debug node.
The debug node is always blank after fetching has been completed.
The debug node is activated and connected to the email-in node.
I have tried to delete node-red-email-in and reinstall but the result is still the same.
I can't find any error in the console nor in the debug node. What am I doing wrong?

which version of the email node do you have - there was a regression one version previous that got the mail but then silently dropped it.

I got the latest version. It should be version 1.5.2

Thank you so much. It's working now. I got node-red-email version 1.5.1 before. I upgraded it to 1.5.2 and everything starts working like a magic.

apologies for the broken version. Glad you got it sorted.