Email will not send


My email node has stopped working.

This is the error message i get.

Error: queryA ETIMEOUT

I use a Gmail account
in the beginning it worked. i used allow less supported apps feature

Now i have also tried the app specific password function
But i still get same error massage.

-node red is running on a raspberry pi 3b
-the email worked for only two days
-i am not the network admin
-yes i am new to this :slight_smile:

What can be the problem?
-something with google
-something with my local network
-something with my nodered

Thanks in advance

Generally this indicates some sort of network problem between the Node-RED server box and gmail server - maybe a proxy problem ? or name resolution ? or ... if you google that error you will find plenty of possible answers.

Ok my bad!

i had done something wrong with my static IP settings.

thanks for the help @dceejay!

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