Sensor Data much to high

i grab some temperature sensor from a weather station.
Now something is wrong there and i got temperature over 8000C it musst be like a sun this Station.
Is there a way to ignore this wrong Data befor added to the influxDB or doing some further trigger?

have a nice day

Put a switch node between the input and influx nodes configured to pass only messages containing valid data.

thanks for your feedback, the input is valid but quit hot - like you put a sensor on the Sun! :wink:

No it isn't, it is much to high.

you mean to add a switch Node to splitt if it is higher then 50C it dropts and nothing happen and below it would be OK and added to the Database?
But this would have to be done for all Sensors, too!
as i wrote it is valid it was a correct number

You can define invalid however you like. If you consider that anything above 50 is invalid then you can say that.
So yes, my suggestion was to use a Switch node configured something like this


Then anything above 50 will be dropped.

You didn't say you had lots of sensors. Do you have lots of different paths that the data goes down? I would have expected data from all stations to go down same wire, one at a time so that one Switch node would do it. If that isn't correct then tell us a bit more about how your system is organised.

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