Sensor glitch removal

Hey all, There is a problem with sensors that sometimes there is glitch in the sensor values and the next value is normal as the previous one of the glitched one. The sensor sometimes just does give the maximum value of the calibrated range. Is there any way to remove or block the glitches using NodeRED without seeing what exactly was the glitched value, so that they don't affect the further calculations ?

See the deadband options.

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Are you able to specify what identifies the values to be ignored in some way? Are they a particular value, or greater than some value or what?

@Colin No the the values cant be specified particularly. One thing i have done is that i removed the sensor value 70 which is the maximum calibrated value using switch node.

What sensor are you using and how are you sending the data to NR?

@zenofmud The sensor is a pressure sensor. It is sent to the NodeRED running on a cloud host using GSM/GPRS modem.

So there are a couple of things you can do.

Firstly, you probably know the range of pressures that make sense so you can exclude everything outside that range.

Secondly, you will know that the pressure cannot change more than a certain amount between readings (will depend on how often you get readings). So you can check whether the current result is a difference greater than that of the previous reading.