Serial In / serial request node - start character

In serial In/request node I am setting the option(Optionally wait for a start character of ) with the single character it is working as expected.
but whenever I push the (multiple characters ) it stops working even data is being pushed from the device.
is it expected or nodered wont be processing multiple characters in that field

Correct. It only looks for a single character. (The reason the field accepts more is to allow for \r or 0x48 etc)

Hi @dceejay,
Isn't this a command, something like 'S' or 'ST' where the actual device behaves(sends) data based on the value
S -- gives exact device data connected to serial port
ST- when we click a button on the device.

No idea. Is that device specific maybe ?

Yes. serial devices has this behaviour, it works different with various begin data (which is like a command).
Is this "optional wait for start character" works data which is coming from the device?
example -- device is giving data from serial
start character is "g" --> then node gives data from giving data from serial?

Yes. As it says it waits until it sees that character in the serial stream then starts saving data until either the end character or a timeout or a number of characters, then sends that data on. And then repeats

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Yeah, Got it @dceejay, Thanks for the clarification.

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