Serial output not working


I try to communicate with a balance by serial communication RS232.
I send a command "S\r\n" to get the current weight.

It is working properly from my hyperterminal or from a Python script but I can't make it work from Node-red.

I tried to have a Serial input node with "S" as payload and include \r\n in as additional characters for output messages in the serial com parameters ; or include them directly in the payload. But I don't have any answer from the balance.

The serial configuration is well configured because if I choose the continuous mode on my balance I receive data each second.

If you have any ideas to help I'm happy to hear them :slight_smile:



how are you adding the \r\n ? Most devices only need one or other of them... (often \r) - the serial node can add it for you which is probably the way to go.

Yes I did it with the Serial node, and also in the payload.
I tried \r, \n and \r\n but none of them are working.

if in the payload - presumably a function like

msg.payload += "\r\n";
return msg;

This is working with input / output nodes, thanks a lot !

Do you know why it's not working when I use the "add character to output messages" ?

can you share a screenshot of how you have it configured ?
(not explanation off top of my head - unless it's - you can only specify one char in there, so \r or \n , not both.)