Serial Port data retrieval problem

I am trying to get data from my MSP432 on the dashboard for Node Red, first time using NR. But it won't display anything. Here's what I got:

MSP432 code running on Code Composer Studio v10, the code runs at baud rate of 9600 and simply sends the character x to my com port. Testing this on Teraterm I can see that com5 is sending out the character x. I think the character is a uint_fast8_t, at least data sheets say it should be.

In Node Red; I have a serial in node that is set to com5. The baud rate is 9600. The Serial In node is marked as connected. When it's deployed the Dashboard and Debug window don't show anything coming through. The Node Red cmd window doesn't show any errors or problems.

From all the testing it looks like the Serial In node isn't receiving anything to push forward. Yet no errors or problems listed anywhere. What could be wrong?

Luke Cecelon

How have you configured the serialport node ? Is it set to wait for a character or time , etc ?

I think that I do. I have the following code in MSP432 that is suppose to do the sending.

void EUSCIA0_IRQHandler(void)
uint32_t status = MAP_UART_getEnabledInterruptStatus(EUSCI_A0_BASE);

    MAP_UART_transmitData(EUSCI_A0_BASE, MAP_UART_receiveData(EUSCI_A0_BASE));


Also, when I put in MAP_UART_transmitData(EUSCI_A0_BASE, 'x\r\n'); //return carriage code I can see that in the debug I get data retrieved from the com5 but only the 'return' part. So it's capable of getting data but it doesn't seem to want to do anything with it.

The way the Node-RED serial node is configured is quite important. May you share a picture of how it is configured ?

Additional question: The MSP432 card is connected to the same computer where you have Node-RED installed (assumption). Are you trying to use the same serial port (COM5) at the same time (Code Composer and Node-RED) ?

A friend just helped me solve the problem, and yes it was the configuration of the node. I attached a picture I'm not sure if it'll actually show. I had Split Input:on the character, which was confusing the COM. We changed it to 'after a timeout' of 10ms (100ms was too much) and that fixed the problem. It now retrieves the data and displays it correctly.

Additional answer. The MSP432 is connected to the same computer running Node Red. COM5 was listed as the UART connection (as labelled in Teraterm).

I appreciate the support folks. Node Red looks very cool and I want to learn how to use it effectively.


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