Serial port / dev / ttyUSB0

serial port / dev / ttyUSB0 problem
hello, i'm trying to wire two arduino on two ports / dev / ttyUSB0 and USB1.
but when I change the parameters usb1 serial port to an output node, at the same time another input node at USB1 to USB0 exchange.
Can we have two different serial ports on node red?

It depends on the hardware. Which platform are you on?

I think you have discovered a bug.

I added /dev/ttyS0 as an input node and then /dev/ttyS1 as another input node and the first node changed to /dev/ttyS1 after I opened the configuration nodes tab (which only showed /dev/ttyS1

This is one for @dceejay

Depends if you add a new one or just edit the existing

You need to add the second

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Thanks Dave, now it makes sense.

Thank you for your reply