Serial port / raspberry


I have 8 arduino's connected to my pi
after a few days randomly a serial port disconnects
only way to solve this problem is doing a reboot and then it works again for few days / hours

is this a known problem or is there a trick to solve this or make the port reconnect?


i’ve has one thing attached via serial port that’s been stable for over a year.

What versions of node-red nodejs are you using?
have you checked to see if there’s anything in the logs?


8.12.0 and 0.19.4

on another pi i have 4 similar setups running for more then a year too with 4 serial ports
it seems to be the problem that it is more the 4 ports or because they are connected with hubs
all ready changed the hubs with several different hubs ( powered ) but without any succes too


When they disconnect are they still there but just as a differently numbered port ? If this is a linux system you may want to investigate fixing the name to the device using udev eg or etc

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I need to test this, but all is build inside a table.
They are when the problem starts connected and nothing is changed on the setup
After reboot all ports are mapped to the correct port