Serial request/ serial in node - Reconnection issue

Hi Team
I am facing a reconnection issue from the serial in / serial request node
Initially i am able to connect to port and get the data. when I disconnected the bridge in the application HHD virtual serial port (COM3-COM4) and recreated it
From then I am not able to connect back and get data whenever I am polling through timestamp.

As in 25-serial.js, it is mentioned as 15000 as the default I have seen the documentation and updated the settings with serialReconnectTime as 5000 but it is not making an impact in successful reconnection

It is not getting reconnected at all when it is tested with the com-port-data emulator and HDD virtual serial port tool.

When you recreate it is it coming back as the same device. If Node-RED still thinks it has hold of the old one, it may get re-allocated to a new one instead.

Yes I am recreating the same bridge
and giving the same settings as previous
Serial In node is able to identify the port and showing status as connected ...but not serial request
when I trigger the serial request node, it is going from waiting state to timeout state

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