Serial woes.. buffer issue?

Please ignore the last post. By some strange coincidence, my alarm system (Comfort) which has worked perfectly for 12 years has just today gone faulty. Hence no serial output.

Are you sure it was not failing intermittently before?
Strange coincidences are often not as strange as may first appear.

No the alarm system has been rock solid for years. I have had many different devices connected serially over the years with no problem, This issue with node red serial is strange in that a flow restart sorts it.
Anyway I have a mountain to climb now in sorting the alarm system which is very complex and support for it is in Singapore.

What part of the world are you? I have contacts in that industry.

Colin thanks for the offer. I have done a hard reset on the alarm system and reseated boards and connections. It has come to life again. Greatly relieved. I will have another go at the delay thing when my confidence returns.

I re-visited the timer and it seems to have sorted my problem. Thank you for all your help.

Excellent. Most likely you could reduce the timer to 1 minute.

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