ServoFirmata - Arduino - Not Working

Hello all,

I'm running Firmata on my Arduino UNO to control servos. Up until now, I've been running the StandardFirmata sketch. Works fine, but I decided I wanted to use the ServoFirmata sketch since it's less code and I only really need to control 4 servos. However, it does not work.

There are no errors during compiling, or anything really. There's just no response from the Arduino. But if I run StandardFirmata, it works fine. Is there some configuration I don't know about?


EDIT: I just noticed that when I load the StandardFirmata on my Arduino, the Arduino output node in my flow shows "connected", but if I load the ServoFirmata, it's simply stuck on "connecting". Hopefully this information is useful.

You may be lucky, but I suspect this is not the best forum to ask about this. It does not appear to be anything to do with node-red.

Out of options at this point. Noticed Firmata as one of the go-to options to communicate with Arduino pins from Node-Red on the Node-Red guide here: Interacting with Arduino : Node-RED, and was hoping someone has had the same issue before. Fingers crossed. Nowhere else to turn.

Arduino Node in NodeRed only supports the StandardFirmata sketch.

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