Servo's on Node-Red


is it possible to controll a servo with Node-Red

if yes please show me how



yes use google and you will find several tutorials



I don't think there is a pre-built node to do this directly on something like Pi.
[edit] Not tried it but dceejay suggestion looks like a way to do it [/edit]

Most solutions require either a hardware i2c add on (PCA9685 based) or using a microcontroller (Arduino/ESP8266) device attached to the servo and sending control messages (via MQTT or other methods)



As Simon said - you can use Arduino or ESP8266.
I have successfully used WeMos D1 Minis flashed with ESP Easy to drive servos.
I just "talk" to them via MQTT. In fact I rigged-up a simple dashboard (in Node-RED) with a slider that was used to control the servo's postion.

The only thing that tripped me up was.. you need a decent power supply for the servo, preferably a separate PSU - not the one that's powering the WeMos.
If you do this - just remember to join the "Grounds" together.



You can use the gpiod node
to drive servos direct from a Pi.

(Though they are electrically "noisy" so yes to the decent power supply suggestion above if possible).

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Hi. i used the gpio nod to control the servo motor after puting the value of the PWM it works well but i would like to change the direction of rotation instead of right rotation i want the left one. How can i do that ?



Change the arm on the servo so that what is now 0 position will be the 100 position and then use 100-0 instead of 0-100



i am sorry but i dont understand what exacltly to do ... should i write "100-0" or "0-100" in the frecency value to change the direction ? i ve just tried this but it still turning on the right direction



Better yet, put a range node before the gpio node and map the input 0 to 100 to become 100 to 0

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