Controlling Servos and LEDS on LoRa nodes through RAK831 gateway from Nodered UI

I am currently working on a project with LoRa nodes, gateway and Node-Red.
I built the system to have four nodes collecting voltage and current from power sources and sending to the RAK 831 LoRa gateway. I trapped the data from the gateway using Nodered(TCPDump). and the data is displayed on the guage and charts. and the project is working. but now i want to add a little control feature where i can control and LED and a servo from the Node-red UI to the nodes through the gateway at the various frequencies. is there a way i can do this?
Please i will appreciate any help towards this.



You don't say on which platform you are running Node-RED. For a Pi the pigpiod node handles servos well.

My server is running on a raspberry pi. But i need to send the command from the raspberry pi through LoRa to the end devices

If the servos are at the other end - then it'll be up to that end to control them.

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