Set and store Chart and Graph labels on UI-Side

Hello! I am fairly fresh to Node-RED but have spent the last few weeks slowly developing a project for a senior design course.

The project involves data acquisition through some hardware. I am attempting to implement functionality onto the UI that allows the user to modify the number of sensor inputs, as well as modify the labels that are displayed with each sensor feed. Additionally, I would like to keep the input values/labels whenever Node-RED is restarted and only change when the user modifies the values through the UI.

To provide more clarification, the hardware provides up to 16 channels - however, I would like to restrict data acquisition to channels that are strictly connected to sensors. Deployment of the completed device would likely require one initial configuration for specifying the number of sensors and what each data stream should be labeled on charts or graphs. Modification of these values would occur if the device is used for logging additional sensors, or if the device is moved to a completely different system/environment.

It would be desirable to accomplish changing the values on the UI side rather than on the flow side, but restarting Node-RED to update any changed values would be fine.

So far I have considered using a form node for modifying values, but I am unsure how to store the values so that they are not lost when Node-RED is restarted or redeployed. Would the use of environment variables be fit for this? What would be the most efficient method of storing a handful of UI-user modifiable parameters that dictate how the rest of the program should run until changed by the user? Additionally, would it be possible to display these values in the same entry fields whenever Node-RED is redeployed or restarted (essentially display the last/current value that is set for that parameter)?

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