Set and use Global OBJECT variable

I'm working on a Web Audio project using an AudioContext() object.
I would like to set this object as a global variable so I can create at start and use it within multiple flows.

I have a start-up node running this to set the Global:

var AUDIOcontextOBJECT = new AudioContext();
global.set("AUDIOcontextOBJECT",AUDIOcontextOBJECT); //primary 'container' for all audio node objects

within a (template) node I try to reference the global with:

var AUDIOcontextOBJECT = global.get("AUDIOcontextOBJECT");

I receive the error: "global is not defined"

Any guidance is appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @gcronin66.

If you look at the help text for the template node it shows you how to access global objects
"It is possible to use a property from the flow context or global context. Just use {{}} or {{}}, or for persistable store store use {{flow[store].name}} or {{global[store].name}}."

Not possible.

AudioContext is a client side thing (runs in client browser). Global.set is a server side thing (runs in completely separate thread / 100% separate from your browser).

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