Set filename property to the "tail node"

I'm trying to figure out how to set the filename of the "tail node" using a function node.
Reading the documentation it seems possible: filename: "If not configured in the node, this optional property sets the name of the file to be tailed. If an empty string "" is received, the tailing will stop."
The node doesn't have any input (I mean the white square), so how to send a message with the filename property set?

msg.filename = "the path to file";

I know that I have to write that code, but how to pass the msg to the node? I can't attach anything to it.

Must be a typo in the help info, as you say there is no input.

If you open the node and close it again the input will appear, provided you have not entered a filename. It is a little unfortunate that it does not show the input immediately on placing it.

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