Set item node for localstorage

I'm using set item node to store value in local storage. When I check local storage value is not store there.
Any one used this node please help me.

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Where are you checking?
Did you add a debug node before to see if the msg has a value to store?

Which node? What is its name?

yes I added debug node but msg has not getting any value, msg return only epoch time with no error.

it's a "set item" node. I just want to store value in local storage but I don't know how to store using "set item " node.

Searching in the node red flows site does not find any matches for set item, so we don't know which node you are talking about.

Is it a Home Assistant node? If so then you are probably asking in the wrong place. Try an HA forum.

I'm talking about this node "node-red-contrib-localstorage" which has "set item", "get item", "clear" etc. nodes.

you can refer above link

Is there a particular reason you want to use that node, rather than use the Context facility built into the core of node-red? Working with context : Node-RED

I have no Idea about "context", I'll check about it if it is helpful or not.
BTW Thanks for the suggestion.

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