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first, sorry for my bad English and for my noob questions (I just started with node red). I have data I want to save in a .csv file. The problem ist, that the data quantity changes, so I don't need some time 3 data blocks of my input buffer and sometimes I need 10 data blocks of my input buffer.

To solve that I tried to make a small function, where I puzzle me the payload message as string. But it doesn't work.

Do anybody know how I can solve that problem?
attached the debug of the bad payload and one of a good payload.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It is good to see you are trying.

I am not going to be able to answer the question as I am not good with that sort of thing, but it would seem you are going through a problem I once went through.

Line 4 and 12.
Delete them and put a JSON node after the function node.

That may fix the problem.


thank you for the answer, but it doesn't work.

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Yeah, sorry. Open the function node, copy the code and paste it here.

It is not that easy reading it in the screen shot.

Use the </> button to enter the code.
(Or: press the key (one to the left of the1`) THREE times, press enter, paste the code, press enter and press the key another three times)

Oh and post what you want the message to look like at the end.

I have the solution:

var i = 0
var csvDaten = {} 
var csvDatenObj = ""

for (i ; i < global.get("S7Input.iAnzahlWerte"); i++) {
    csvDatenObj             = global.get("S7Input.sTitel"+i.toString());
    csvDaten[csvDatenObj]   = global.get("S7Input.rWert"+i.toString());

msg.payload = csvDaten;

return msg;

Thanks for the help.
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